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Success leave C.L.U.E.S – Traits of Successful Property Investor

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

One of the proven ways to achieve outstanding results in property investing is to model successful individuals. When investing in property, there are lots of insights that can be drawn from successful property investors who have gone ahead of you to achieve the results you aim to achieve.

As Tony Robbins says, success leave clues and I have found out that if you model the traits of successful property investors, you are bound to achieve outstanding results if you are will to take actions.

Successful property investors consistently deliver financial results. They are not just simply lucky; they are definitely doing something different and have specific traits that govern their success.

The C.L.U.E.S to the traits I noticed in successful property investors are as follows:

1. C - onsistency - successful property investors usually focus on a model and work at it, while being patient and persistent. They keep going and growing, slow and steady but they achieve results in the end, and in their own time. For them, remaining steadfast helps them follow one course until successful.

2. L - earning – successful property investors are continuously learning to acquire knowledge and skills for creativity and managing strategic relationships to guide their actions and investment decisions. For them, learning is a continuous journey that constantly helps them grow.

3. U - nderstanding - successful property investors are familiar with the concept of making their investment true assets by structuring them to generates ongoing passive income. They have deep understanding of asset and residual income and they use systems and processes to make their investment work with little or none of their own effort. For them, operating a "set to forget" investment approach is usual appealing.

4. E - xchange - successful property investors engage in giving value by providing services and solutions to their strategic relationships. In return, they receive value which could be monetary, contacts, referrals or connections that helps them build their assets and investments. For them, a fair exchange of value is essential.

5. S - trategy - successful property investors creates plans and methods to mitigating risks by investing for cashflow in areas with great capital growth potentials to maximize their return on investment. Their plans include creating portfolio’s with multiple streams of property income to edge against odds in a down turn market or policy change. For them, they create plans and see opportunities in every situation.

In summary, success leave clues and if you model the traits of successful professional property investors, you will achieve success. Successful property investors have not just been lucky delivering outstanding financial results for decades; they have traits that govern their success.

If you find something interesting, have any questions, like more clues about successful property investors or you would like to invest, contact us and I will be more than happy to help.


Emmanuel Adedipe | property investing simplified

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