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Choosing a joint venture partner – using my V.O.T.E model.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Joint ventures usually offer unlimited opportunities which sometimes, may not be available to an individual going it alone. It is no secret that joint ventures are key ingredient to consistently building a property portfolio. Joint ventures involve private investors and property experts bringing different resources together, such as time, cash, experience and knowledge, to create, grow and fast track an enterprise.

Although, it is not strange that some joint venture

partnerships break and fail. In fact, the downside of the break up or failure is not only emotional, messy and time consuming, in some instances; you have to give away a share of the enterprise to another partner. Having said that, there are also upsides to joint venture partnerships when arranged properly and professionally. I have come to realize that the quickest way to fast track your property investment and building a property portfolio is through joint ventures.

This well-know, time tested principle helps private investors leverage time, cash, experience and knowledge in significantly fast tracking the return

on their investment. With that been said, entering a joint venture partnership is a major decision and as such you need to consider your joint venture partner carefully. For this reason, I devised a 4-point model which I use in choosing a joint venture partner.

Here are the 4-point model I consider in choosing a joint venture partner.

1. V - Values and Ethics

Joint venturing requires a collective effort and relationship building. I always ensure I have aligning values and ethics with a potential joint venture p

artner because it would create a foundation for a good working relationship. Learning about each other would reveal if we are heading in the same direction and have aligning goals to achieve.

2. O - Opposing Resource/Skill Set

My ideal partner in a joint venture is one that has resources or skills opposing and complementing mine rather than duplicating. Time, cash and experience or knowledge are the essential resources needed for a profitable joint venture property inv

estment. Having opposing resources or skill set in a joint venture partnership, helps to ensure zero duplication of roles and responsibilities. This helps cut out waste, brings in more deals, more cashflow and more compounded opportunities.

3. T - Trust

With the lack of trust, the joint venture will not work. Trust and credibility are non-negotiable factors in a joint venture partner. For me, trust is key and I realize speaking with various investors on my property investing journey, that everyone wants to work with someone they trust. Effective communication, a skill that I have found to increase and maintain trust, is essential for a successful joint venture partnership.

4. E - Expectation and Vision

I find it important to explore expectations and visions in order not to have conflicting or surprising outcomes and results. I would always strive to know the expectation and vision of a potential joint venture partner as this is a really crucial element for nurturing the investment relationship. When I striving to know a potential JV partner's expectation and vision it makes things very clear with no blurred lines, cuts out ambiguity and helps prevent any misunderstanding. There would be clarity of agreement which highlights the roles and responsibilities, share, security, financial contributions, liabilities, profits, losses and available exit options of each partner.

In conclusion, I realize that joint venture partnerships not only fast track your property investment outcomes and helps build a consistent long-term property investment portfolio but it also involves building and nurturing relationships. With that in mind, you would need to do due diligence on your potential JV partner.

If you find something interesting, have any questions or would like to know how you can build a property portfolio through joint venturing, I will be more than happy to share my experience or knowledge in order to help.


Emmanuel Adedipe | achieving more together

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